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Other Fun Stuff

Podcasts, articles, nonsense, and other miscellany.

Podcast: It's Just You & Me: Diagnosis Uncertain

A conversation between friends about anything and everything, hosted by my dear friend Julie.

"Emilie talks about what it's like to be in a medical system that can't tell you what might be wrong with you."


Article: Three Questions for Emilie Poplett '14

I had the honor of talking with my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Journalism School, about my life as a writer and choosing to make my story public in the New York Times.

Podcast: Jackie Watches Stuff: Legally Blonde

I got together with my friend Jackie to discuss a cinematic classic: Legally Blonde. Because Elle Woods is the feminist icon we need right now.

Blog post: When the void calls, hang up.

A few words on mental illness. A request to you to hold on. I know it hurts. I am sorry.

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